Amethyst is a purple variety of quartz (SiO2) and owes its violet color to irradiation, impurities of iron, and in some cases, other transition metals and the presence of other trace elements, which result in complex crystal lattice substitutions.

Beautiful quality Brazilian Amethyst. This gemstone has vivid violet colors and has a great size to display on a corner table or even on the floor.


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H 27cm

L 18cm

W 9.5cm

Weight 4674g

This Amethyst has the highest quality of the semi-precious stones.

Its intense deep purple color is characteristic of the geodes extracted from URUGUAY, one of the few places where you can find these formations.

✧ Our pieces are totally organic and natural and didn’t suffer any chemical process.

✧ The back and base of these amethysts are natural basalts.

✧ We make sure that each piece has a flat base to sit vertically on your bedside table, shelf, or any table in your home or office.

✧ It’s the perfect gift to give as a housewarming or graduation gift because Amethyst is the Third Eye Chakra Stone, and that means that it is a healing stone that offers protection, wisdom, and balance.

✧ Amethysts are one of the most popular healing minerals. It is essential for those who work on healing themselves and others, as it purifies energy at all levels. It helps turn negative thoughts into positives, providing a perfect balance to solve emotional conflicts and clarify the mind.

Check our Polished Amethyst here:

✧ Amethyst is the right crystal to help to carry grief. It helps you to adjust to any loss you have.

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